In 1926 established Carl Kliem, at the age of 26 years, his stock brokerage business in Berlin. He was the first at that time who maintained telephone lines to several banks in the financial center of Berlin in order to offer his customers the best possible market - and trading transparency.

1953 - the "economic miracle" begins and Carl Kliem resumes his activities in Frankfurt on Main as foreign exchange broker. The DM becomes convertible. The office space was scarce and Carl Kliem carries out his first transactions from his living room. Some time later he receives a permission for foreign exchange trading in U.S. dollar against DM from the Allies according to the Exchange Control Act and later on from the Bank Deutscher Länder.

Carl Kliem Corporate Finance GmbH was a part of the Carl Kliem Group until 2011. The company became independent in 2010, the new company name is CK Corporate Finance GmbH.

Our company was always open toward innovative financial products, which have found its way into the capital markets in the past 20 years. Fusion of innovation and tradition is our motto, according to which we have respectively expanded our service portfolio. Thus we can offer a wide-ranging support in a variety of market segments and complete solutions from one source. Motivation and know-how of our employees guarantee the best expert service.

Our company has all necessary approvals and ressources to offer large-scale range of corporate finance and M&A advisory services.